April 4 – June 27

Spring Session




step into their dreams

through a framework and foundation

of skills, tools and presence.


Take your holistic heart based business

to the next level by booking consistent regular clients

in a program as they shift up and transform!


Facilitate an engaging process

to guide them to reach within.


• takes an energetic Spiritualist

perspective to coaching;



• facilitates a shift in consciousness

which is experienced



• is able to help empower clients

to their next level,

then their next!



Week 1 Module



Superconductor Coaching Scope

Coaching Ethics 

Support Systems

The first class is primarily focused on building a foundation for the program covering Coaching Ethics, Scope, and support systems for participants. This is about building connections between participants to establish supportive relationships and skill/session sharing. 

Two Chapters from texts will be assigned each week (including Reading Weeks) and discussion regarding reading assignments, class content and any other topic is available during tutorials.

Week 2 Module

Maps of Enlightenment


Principles of Spiritualism

Steps of Enlightenment

Self Actualization



The Maps of Enlightenment class establishes an inclusive foundation of spiritual beliefs. This  establishes shared language, traits, stages and thresholds to be passed on a spiritual path. Like all classes in the program, the material presented is applied to self and so wisdom can be shared with clients. 

Week 3 Module

Leading Meditation


Process & Techniques

Intentions & Desired Results



The Leading Meditation class begins the practice of sharing and teaching a core foundation of spiritual practice. Participants are taught how to and given opportunity to practice leading clients in meditation.

Various techniques, strategies and desired outcomes to be discussed.

Homework sessions between participants now begin and end with led meditation.


Week 4 Module

Session Format


In Person & Online

Coaching with other Modalities

Class 4 explores establishing a flexible baseline session format (which can be unique). A sample format is shared, discussed and presented in sample sessions with participants. 


Week 5 Module



Human Potential Movement

Theories of Personality


Models of personality are explored with a perspective of transcendence and alignment. This individual or micro perspective contrasts the HPM (Human Potential Movement). that is, where we are going together. 


Week 6 Module

Energetic Physiology & Shift


Chakra Meanings & Wisdom

Layers of Form


 We are Spiritual beings having a human experience. Module 6 explores the layers and levels of our being. This approach is both theoretical and with practical application to help empower clients.


Week 7 Module

Coaching Tools


Homework & Discovery Tools for Clients

Module 7 explores coaching tools to be used in sessions. The element of giving clients homework and what the intention of these homework tools is explored.


Week 8 Module

Life Lessons


Things that Stump Us and Our Clients

Module 8 is an expansive list of life lessons discussed and experiences shared. This wisdom is for self and clients.  


Week 9 Module

Mindfulness & Manifestation


Becoming Objective & Observing

Creating the Life you Want

Mindful meta-awareness is also a cornerstone of transformation. We explore mindful tools and perspective to help our clients expand awareness and shift.

Manifestation techniques are popular and when used from alignment, work! Module 9 includes the content and exercises of a manifestation workshop to use and share with clients.


Week 10 Module



Journey of Heart

Ultimate Identification

Module 10 explores the multi-stage journey into heart ultimately to a place of compassion and service. 

Further exploration of transcendence is also explored.  


Week 11 Module

Emotions & Anxiety


Emotional Clarity

Emotions as Intuition

Finding Peace

Anxiety seems more present than ever in the modern world. As our vibration rises, more tools are required. Module 11 explores shifting and changing our relationship with our emotions and sharing tools to achieve and maintain authentic power.

Week 12 Module



Your Coaching Practice & Business

Coaching clients! What is your work? Your niche? Your calling? What to do now?

Term 1

April 4 2022 • 7PM-9PM ET
Module 1 – Foundations
(Video Available)

April 5 2022 • 7PM-8PM ET
Tutorial (optional)

April 11 2022 • 7PM-9PM ET
Module 2 – Maps of Enlightenment
(Video Available)

April 12 2022 • 7PM-8PM ET
Tutorial (Optional)

April 19 2022 • 7PM-9PM ET
Module 3 – Leading Meditation
(Video Available)

W/O April 19 2022 • 7PM-8PM ET
Tutorial (Optional)


Term 2

April 25 2022 • 7PM-9PM ET
Module 4 – Session Format
(Video Available)

April 26 2022 • 7PM-8PM ET
Tutorial (Optional)

May 2 2022 • 7PM-9PM ET
Module 5 – Psychology
(Video Available)

May 3, 2022 • 7PM-8PM ET
Tutorial (Optional)

May 9 • 7PM-9 PM ET
Module 6 – Energetic Physiology & Shift

May 10 2022 • 7PM-8PM ET
Tutorial (Optional)

Term 3

May 16 2022 • 7PM-9PM ET
Module 7 – Coaching Tools

May 17 2022 • 7PM-8PM ET
Tutorial (optional)

May 30 2022 • 7PM-9PM ET
Module 8 – Life Lessons

May 31 2022 • 7PM-8PM ET
Tutorial (optional)

June 6 2022 • 7-9 PM ET
Module 9 – Mindfulness & Manifestation

June 7 2022 • 7PM-8PM ET
Tutorial (optional)

Term 4

June 13 2022 • 7PM-9PM ET
Module 10 – Compassion

June 14 2022 • 7PM-8PM ET
Tutorial (Optional)

June 20 2022 • 7PM-9PM ET
Module 11 – Emotions & Anxiety

June 21 2022 • 7PM-8PM ET
Tutorial (Optional)

June 27 2022 • 7PM-9PM ET
Module 12 – Launch!

June 28 2022 • 7PM-8PM ET
Tutorial (Optional)

I, THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. When I first read the description about the course …. I was ECSTATIC!!! It was exactly what I needed to continue with my Reiki practice; this was my “door” that was going to open so many more possibilities. But it was so much more than that!!

Not only are the course modules amazingly informative, but I have also learned so much about myself. I have learned who I really AM. Not only am I a wife, mother, daughter, sister, & entrepreneur. I AM a Healer. I Am here to help so many beautiful souls.
I have now found my true purpose as a Soul living this amazing human experience.
I have found the courage to be able to pursue my purpose without any doubts, fears, and absolutely no regrets.

You have truly given me the courage and ability to be able to help others. This has changed my life.

Thank you!


Superconductor Coach

The Superconductor course is amazing! I have learned so much about being my authentic self, having become more compassionate and understanding. Superconductor has paved the way for major changes in my journey helping others. This course has given me the tools and background I need to compliment how I work with people. These teachings have brought my healing sessions to another level!


Superconductor Coach

What I have gained from Superconductor Coaching Certification is so much more than I anticipated. My confidence level has soared! I have become aligned with the universe in a much deeper way then I thought possible. I have found a fantastic group of likeminded people “sisters” whose friendship and “energy” I will cherish for the rest of my days. I have also learned valuable coaching techniques that I know will be a particular skill set that serves me well in my practice. The alignment and feeling of “oneness” with the universe is a gift I cannot express enough gratitude for.

A hearty Thank you!


Superconductor Coach

Andrew Bray is…

an energetic catalyst. He is a certified coach specializing in intuitive development and personal empowerment. He designs and presents workshops on intuition and empowerment and has done so in Canada, the US and Cuba.

He is the Creator of Superconductor Coaching, a new energetic, spiritual approach to coaching to facilitate clients achieving thier highest unfolding!

He is the original channel of Energy Awaken, a new energetic modality. It facilitates a deeper, wider Earth connection to allow more energy to flow, providing greater capacity. This has the intended effect of reaching deep within to facilitate releasing old energy, beliefs. patterns, forgiveness withheld, and fears. This can be an intense process that may happen quickly or take longer, depending what one is ready for.

He is a meditation facilitator. The Energy Awaken meditations are powerful, intense and healing.
Energy is often felt and experienced in a new exciting way during these meditations. He also records custom meditations and self hypnosis affirmations to help you create the life you want.

He is available to do keynote addresses on all of the Energy Awaken workshop topics including
“Mediumship & Channeling”, “Connecting To Your Angels”, “Connecting to Mother Earth”, “Strength of Heart”.