What Is Superconductor Coaching?

Superconductor Coaching is the process of helping someone deeply connect to themselves. We help people remember who they really are. There are layers of self that need taken out of the way in order to get to the truer self underneath and allow it to emerge.

This is not for everyone. Not everyone is willing or able. But many are. And this number is becoming greater and greater.


What Is The Superconductor Coaching Program?

  • The Superconductor Coaching Program is a 12 class live online course taught over 4 months.
  • It is a small group (limited to 12) interactive online experience.
  • Each class will have an optional tutorial for support, questions and discussion.
  • Each class will have required reading from the course textbooks to supplement the process.
  • There will be handouts for all classes, but participants are strongly encouraged to take notes.
  • Videos of classes will also be available.
  • There is a private online group for participants to facilitate intergroup communication and support.


Who Could be a Superconductor Coach?

The Superconductor Coaching Program is designed for Reiki, Holistic Practitioners and intuitives to facilitate taking their practice deeper for their clients. The Program could also be appreciated by anyone on a personal journey of transformation.




Week 1 Module


Superconductor Coaching Scope

Coaching Ethics

Support Systems

Week 2 Module

Maps of Enlightenment

Principles of Spiritualism

Steps of Enlightenment

Self Actualization



Week 3 Module

Leading Meditation

 Process & Techniques

Intentions & Desired Results



Week 4 Module

Session Format

 In Person & Online

Coaching with other Modalities

Week 5 Module


Human Potential Movement

Theories of Personality


Week 6 Module

Energetic Physiology & Shift

Chakra Meanings & Wisdom

Layers of Form


Week 7 Module

Coaching Tools

Homework & Discovery Tools for Clients

Week 8 Module

Life Lessons

Things that Stump Us and Our Clients

Week 9 Module

Mindfulness & Manifestation

Becoming Objective & Observing

Creating the Life you Want

Week 10 Module


Journey of Heart

Ultimate Identification

Week 11 Module

Emotions & Anxiety

Emotional Clarity

Emotions as Intuition

Finding Peace

Week 12 Module


Your Coaching Practice & Business